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Welcome to r.f.foundry-engineering, services and competencies for foundries


Are you looking for support for your foundry in foundry and business issues or for the procurement of cast products?


30 years of experience in the foundry industry, from foundry planning to market structure analyzes, form the basis of our consulting services for your company.

Our fields of activity in the environment of a foundry company or in the procurement of castings: 

  •  Foundry planning

  •  Supplier evaluation

  •  Ramp-up management

  •  Relocations

  •  Managerial economics

  •   Weak point analysis
  •   Foundry technology
  •   Optimization of production flow
  •   Layout planning
  •   Design optimization of casted parts
  •   Defect analysis
  •   Country-specific analyzes on the structure of the foundry market 

  •   Foundry planning, foundry engineering, foundry strategy


Robert Faust

Gildestr. 29

76149 Karlsruhe

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